It has been more than six weeks since I received my portion fix container system in the mail. However, I didn’t start using it right away. There was a lot of information to read and take in, that I just couldn’t wrap my mind around it all right away. So now that it has been six weeks of me being on the portion fix container system, I have to admit that I’m still not using it 100% of the time. It is a huge shift to go from counting calories and worrying more about that, while still getting in the all important protein and fiber, so changing over to a portion container system is a massive change for me. I’ve finally got to the point in the past two or three weeks where I am not focusing on calories, not even naturally thinking about that first. I am getting to the point where I think, is this healthy for me… is it too processed for me to eat? Besides that, I’m also telling myself no about certain foods a bit easier, without feeling deprived.

The portion fix container system is a whole new way of thinking about what I eat. It is forcing me to think more about what I’m putting in my body and how that food will fuel my body to do my workouts. Slowly, but surely, I will get to the point where I’m using the colored containers 100% of the time. I’m excited to work towards that. In the beginning, this system was a bit intimidating because it was new and not something I was used to using, or doing things in the way I was used to. However, I don’t see it as intimidating anymore. Does that mean that it’s going to be easy from here on out? Absolutely not, but I know that it will only get easier from here the more I practice using the containers.

While I have not made a huge transformation with my eating yet, there are still some amazing changes in mindset and eating habits that I have made:

Less Sugar

I have been eating less sugar. I am the first to admit that I’m addicted to sugar, and I am a chocoholic! So this is a big step for me. I always have to have something sweet at multiple points in the day, which is part of the reason why I got so off track. Those sweets were my outlet for my stress and depressed feelings. Undoubtedly, a misguided outlet, but one that I turn to on default. Now in the past six weeks, I have been working on that. I still have a long way to go, but I’m slowly making better decisions, rather than relying on sugary sweets! That is an amazing result to me!

Less Processed Food

Like I mentioned above, I now think more about how processed my foods are. I still don’t see myself as someone who avoids all processed foods, all the time, and I never have saw myself doing that. However, I do think about how much of these processed foods I am putting into my body and working hard not to eat them as often. When grocery shopping, I have noticed that I will avoid more of the types of foods I used to want or grab, because they are processed and I would rather eat something I put together at home. Again, this is something that I still have a long way to go to get where I want to be, but I am making progress and that is what matters!

Saying ‘NO’ to Myself without Feeling Deprived

Here is another one that I mentioned earlier… not feeling deprived when I tell myself ‘NO’ to a certain kind of food or eating when I don’t need to eat. I’m trying to think of the alternative being more attractive to me than these foods that I used to want all the time. I still want them a lot and more than I should, but less often than I used to. As I keep working on this, I will continue to make progress in the right direction and soon will not have to say ‘NO’ so often!

What kinds of foods do you find hard to say ‘NO’ to, and what are you doing to work on saying ‘NO’ without feeling as deprived?



2 comments on “What I Learned After 6 Weeks on the Portion Fix Eating Plan”

  1. Love it! I’ve considered getting a food proportion system like this but I haven’t made the leap yet. I think it’s probably the most important step I’m missing in my weight loss plan though. Thanks for the post!

    • Hi Allie! It truly is super helpful to me! So different, but a great learning experience. I never thought I would be learning to eat like this. If you would like more information about it, please don’t hesitate to ask!

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