I am very honored to have Alisha Overstreet from The Improv Caregiver here to share her story about struggling with self-love and confidence, and then going on to write her first eBook. Alisha is the Inspire the Best You feature winner for April… and also one of my most inspiring friends! I’m so happy to know her and learn more about her today! I hope you find her story inspiring for your own battle with self-love and confidence, as so many of us struggle with that, including myself!

For as long as I can remember, writing has come quite naturally to me. My father is a published author, has written countless poems, and has always encouraged us to channel our emotions and experiences through writing. Whether it was gifting my sister and I a journal, or encouraging us to be creative with our words and foster our language skills; he has always the one to boost our morale.

I’m not a speaker! Period!

I don’t do well speaking in front of large groups…in fact, I don’t do well speaking in front of a small group. Actually, let me be absolutely clear: I don’t even like to have in person debates with family or friends. The very people I should feel the most comfortable with, still don’t make me feel confident enough to discuss complex ideas and theories I know by heart!

But I write! And I write well. I’m not Agatha Christie, Danielle Steele, or J.K. Rowling, but I enjoy writing.

I can concoct a 20-page research paper in my Psychology class including factual information and clear presentation without an issue. I can write post on my blog about caregiving, being married to a veteran and the struggles of motherhood with a special needs child all day long. Give me a reason to talk about mental health stigma, politics, or psychology and I could go on for days.

But…don’t force me to present any of this in front of people!

As a caregiver, I have struggled a lot with self-esteem and confidence. The isolation that comes with this role can be devastating. It is no wonder many of us end up dealing with our own struggles and fighting our own demons.

For years, I fought with my perfectionist doppelgänger; and I still do. She’s always been able to knock me down when I felt the slightest bit of success. She has always been able to find the tiniest of flaws in any of my successes. Overall, she’s been quite victorious in knocking me down many, many times. No matter how many times I get pushed down or fall, I only have to get up one more time.

I might have fallen 50 times, but I pushed myself one time to get back up. And right now, I’m on my first time getting up after my 50th fall. Over the last two years, I’ve spent money we don’t have, started on an academic path that doesn’t seem to fit my personality or current lifestyle, and I have fought my way through grief after a miscarriage. My doppelgänger took advantage of it and knocked me so hard on my behind that I almost gave up on getting back up.

But I figured: I only have to get up ONE time!

So, I did. I am standing tall and I am writing.

Everything my father has taught and encouraged me to do is starting to come full circle. My grief, fight and strength has evolved into this new-found love for what I am capable of. This does not mean that I have achieved complete serenity in terms of loving myself, nor am I at a point in my life that would warrant me to slow down. I simply have a better understanding of what my limitations are.

I am now encouraged to share my struggles, fights, self-esteem issues and grief more than ever before and use this to create positive channels that will not only help me in my personal growth journey, but also touch others who share similar experiences. With this, I have set a goal to publish my first e-book this year. It will be a milestone; a kind of coming full-circle experience for me.

And I hope I will continue to be granted the opportunity to write, share experiences, and connect with individuals around me. As it stands, my doppelgänger is losing the current fight; which would put the score at Perfectionist Doppelgänger: 50 / Me: 1.

Not too shabby!

Alisha from The Improv Caregiver
I’m a caregiver and advocate for my combat-veteran husband & son with High-functioning Autism/ADHD. I share the realities of life as a family caregiver and tips & tricks I’ve learned over the last few years in my role as caregiver. I’d be delighted to have you join me.

Blog: www.theimprovcaregiver.com
You can also find her on: Instagram | Pinterest | Facebook

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  1. Thank you so much, Bonnie for having me! This piece, though not perfect, really shows my personal growth. Not only did it allow me to share my own experience, but I am hoping it will resonate with others who are struggling with self-love and confidence.

    Thank you so much for those wonderful and kind words!

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