Hi! I’m glad to have you here! My name is Bonnie.

My name is Bonnie. I started Inspire the Best You to help those interested in improving their health and quality of life. I have been in my own healthy living journey since May 2014 and have become passionate about helping others! I lost almost 120 pounds in the first two years of my journey, but due to many big life changes, I ended up gaining over half of it back. In February this year, I joined Beachbody as a coach and am getting myself back on track while also helping others!

I hope to inspire others to achieve what I have in losing weight, finding their inner strength, gaining the self-love and confidence that they need to live a more fulfilling life, and much more. My goal is to post uplifting and inspiring content here on my blog and to create tools that will help others achieve this! So whether your goal is to lose weight, improve your health in general, or to simply learn how to feel better about yourself, Inspire the Best You is here to help you meet these goals!

Here on Inspire the Best You, you will find:

  • Inspiration for living a healthy life
  • Reviews and information about Beachbody and my role as a coach
  • Healthy living tips
  • And much more!

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If you are ready to start your own healthy living journey right now, and would like to purchase the all-inclusive package with a year of me as your coach, a year of access to over 400 workouts, a month’s supply of the superfood shakes, and more… Please email me or message me through my Facebook page: Inspire the Best You, or go directly to the order page by visiting the All-Access Beachbody Package. I look forward to you checking out what this site has to offer you and working with you in the future!